Welcome to A platform where we are dedicated to replacing your shyness and fear of dancing with love for the art form. It has been a psychologically proven fact that dancing in any form releases tension and aids one to live a physically and mentally healthy life.

At DanceTieUp we have trained and experienced dancing professionals to teach you the basic movements. Once you get a hold of that, we have the provision of advanced dance classes as well for a solo dance performance to groups, that is open to all ages.

Starting Bollywood style dance to hip-hop, punk, jazz, contemporary and classical we have specialized classed for a wide range of dance styles. At the end of every dance learning, we offer a certificate as well, making you a certified performer.
What makes us stand apart in such a competitive industry, is the fact that we don’t just offer dance classes, we give you the chance to learn choreography from professionals irrespective of your requirements. Not only this, we are also planning to get into collaborations with the reputed dance studios, so that we can provide them with leads as per the requirements of the customers approaching us for specific dance training sessions. So if you are looking for easy ways to boost your studio business, then we can be the right partner for you!



Dance is love, one that you need to feel. We all have a dancer inside of us. It just needs a nudge to get released. Come to DanceTieUp and discover the dancer in you.


DanceTieUp aims to spread the love of dancing among all age groups, from kids to grandparents, age is just a number. Stay healthy, stay happy and don’t shy away from showing the world those killer moves.

Why DanceTieUp?

Being a resourced platform, the classrooms are equipped with high-end tools, technicalities, and props for the utmost convenience of the participants. Along with lead choreographer, there are brilliant faculties as well to facilitate the sessions in the most personalized fashion. Above all, the trainers and the entire team of DanceTieUp are amazingly fun-loving, creating a perfectly positive vibe and energy to grow. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of this amazing team, and leave your mark in the global dance industry.