All your Ftiness requirements right at your fingertips

Today’s world is witnessing the most vibrant fitness revolution. Never before were humans so passionate about their physique. The interesting part is that they are eager about exploring new dimensions of fitness, apart from the traditional weightlifting and push-ups. The idea basically here is to make the fitness acquiring process more and more meaningful, amusing, or enjoyable. This is the reason that yoga exercises, Zumba, gymnastic, and aerobics classes are gaining such immense popularity.

The prime difference between fitness options like yoga, Zumba, gymnastic, etc., and the traditional gym-based approach is that the former requires proper training. It’s not like weightlifting, where one can simply go to a gym and start working out. Zumba requires the presence of thoroughly certified trainers while practicing. Well, if you are looking for certified fitness trainers for yoga, Zumba, gymnastics, or even aerobics, DanceTieUp can be the all-inclusive platform for you.

What We Offer

At DanceTieUp, each of the trainers in the concerned fitness domains cited above is certified. Moreover, they are all reckoned names in their concerned professional domains with a vast experience. In fact, they are all quite acknowledged at the global level and can assist you in multiple occasions, like for commercial dance classes, personal dance classes, function at housing societies, dance studios and even for employee engagement activities.

A dedicated team of Choreographers

Ensuring utmost dedication for the students, we have in-house choreographers and faculties for each segment. For example, those interested in Bollywood can be part of our exclusive Bollywood classes run by renowned names in the industry. Similar is the case about hip-hop as well. This being one of the most popular dance forms among the youth, we have a special team of young faculties in this regard.

Talking about contemporary, we have international choreographers for this as the dance form gets the most exposure at international concerts only. They meticulously handle each participant and train them for the big platforms.

Get Personalized Training

Distinguishing part about dance classes at DanceTieUp is the personalized approach of teaching. Moreover, we divide the participants into very small groups to ensure that each of them gets due focus. In fact, there are one to one sessions as well for the participants when needed.

Why DanceTieUp?

Being a resourced platform, the classrooms are equipped with high-end tools, technicalities, and props for the utmost convenience of the participants. Along with lead choreographer, there are brilliant faculties as well to facilitate the sessions in the most personalized fashion. Above all, the trainers and the entire team of DanceTieUp are amazingly fun-loving, creating a perfectly positive vibe and energy to grow. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of this amazing team, and leave your mark in the global dance industry.