All your dance requirements right at your fingertips

Dance is a passion for many. But very often people restrict themselves from grooving to the music due to the fear of embarrassment. DanceTieUp can help in bringing out the best in you. We offer you the right platform to get past your stage fear or shyness and show your brighter side on the dance floor.

If you are shy to learn your favorite dance form in a group, DanceTieUp can offer you, personal dance classes. We deliver personal dances classes to passionate individuals and help them become a pro dancer. We are open to individuals of all age groups. We also bring you, special classes of personal dance, provided to housewife, busy women, and the young people with a hectic schedule. With our weekend classes time, customized as per your availability (7 to 7 pm), ensure the best utilization of your valuable time.

DanceTieUp has a team of experienced dancing professionals who can help you learn to dance with much ease. We understand the interest of the individuals and train them accordingly. the teachers follow the previous class performances and track your improvements. They awaken the dancer in you and provide appropriate coaching to help you become the best version of yourself.


Variety of Dance Forms

Our personal dance and weekend classes include a wide array of dance forms. Whether you are fond of classical dance or western dance, our professionals can teach you the styles that you love. Starting from hip-hop to modern, classical, jazz, contemporary, and Bollywood style, we can help you master every form.

Why DanceTieUp?

Personal dance training for individuals of all age groups.

Years of rich experience in the dance field.

A strong team of professional dancers to teach you the latest dancing styles.

Available the personal dance classes of DanceTieUp and start dreaming of dancing like a star!